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Kids Sunday Zoom Sessions

Zoom Video’s During the COVID-19 Lockdown we met eachSunday afternoon via Zoom.

These are a few of our sessions.

Easter Story Part 1

Easter Story Part 2

Easter Story Part 3

Breakfast on the beach

Help is on the way

Empty Chair

Transformer Holy Spirit
directed by Eli & Luc

Jump Up Jump Up !!!

Silence is ...……….. impossible

God's Church
at work

God can do anything

He wants

Stephen's story

Philip's Adventure by Eli, Luc and Judith

Cornelius calls for Peter
(Background is black)

Christians at Antioch

Church prays - God answers

Caelan's Church prays - God answers

To Cyprus and beyond

Jesus forgives sins

Keep speaking for Jesus - don't be silent

Elijah Part 1

God is in control

Be Humble

Jesus heals 10 lepers

Do you believe

Sharing with others

Saul follows Jesus

Acts 12 
Eli and Luc

Don't worry, not at all

Elijah Part 2
The rains came

Jesus and Peter

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