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Dowlais Elim  Family Church

A Church With A Mission

The following interviews have been made to encourage you in your faith and deal with some difficult and at times controversial issues.

They deal with subjects such as bereavement, singleness, women in ministry, addiction, living with constant pain, and old age.

Joseph Millar and his wife share their good news story.

This interview explores various subjects that Sarah covers in her book “, Speak”. These topics include identity, forgiveness and finding your voice after experiencing traumatic experiences in your life. Much of the book is gleaned from Sarah’s own experiences in life.

Craig’s interview deals with the subject of addiction, crime, hopelessness and prison. It will be an encouragement to many as Craig explains how faith in Christ brought him to a place of hope, marriage, working with addicts and being fulfilled.

This story tells of how a young man from Dundee experiences the power of the Holy Spirit and the power of the gospel thus setting him free from years of drug addiction. God’s impact in his life is beautiful and obvious as you view this amazing testimony.

Sarah’s open and frank testimony speaks about the sudden and tragic death of her husband to a routine operation leaving her a widow with two young boys. The interview highlights the grace and strength of God to bring you to a place of hope and fulfilment.

This wonderful musician and worship leader speaks about his battle with constant physical pain over many years. He explains to Pastor Sammy how intimate worship can be birthed in the darkness of pain.

Daniel tells his story of being born in Nepal and God’s healing touch in his life. He is now a pastor having broken free from addiction. Great encouraging testimony.

Pastor Sammy interviews his sister Jean about family life and her journey of faith. Jean openly shares about the tragic death of her son William in a car accident and how God carried her through to a place of hope and helping others.

Herbie and pastor Sammy have been friends for about 40 years. Sadly, for most of these years Herbie has struggled with alcoholism. This interview examines God’s grace, love and a man’s struggle to find peace and freedom in Christ.

This interview is with Delroy and Yvonne Brown. Delroy is an accomplished drummer and professional actor who has appeared in many productions. They share their relationship with God and how they live under His blessing.

Gram talks us through a life of searching for love and acceptance that led him into violence and crime. He tells about a near death experience that led him to finding out about God’s love and forgiveness. A great testimony that offers hope to all.

This great testimony speaks about Bobbie’s life as a missionary in countries such as Kenya, Singapore and Malaysia. She also speaks openly about the sudden death of her husband David and her struggle with grief and how God comforted her through it.

This young man shares about a childhood of abuse and pain. He speaks about his addiction and eventual freedom in Christ. This interview will encourage many.

Roy and Pastor Sammy both grew up in the Ballymena area of N. Ireland. Their families have been friends for years. Roy shares his heart for people and for God. This testimony sheds light on the grace and power of God. Pastor Roy is a true pastor with a big heart for people which has led him to help initiate the work of Teen Challenge in the UK and also set up ministries that help families and those with Cancer.

This is such a wonderful interview as Pastor Ron Williams speaks about his life growing up in Merthyr Tydfil and eventually going into the Elim Ministry. Sacrificially, in the hope of helping others, Ron speaks about the heart-breaking suicide of his son and the impact upon him and his family. Ron also speaks about how he tackles old age.

This lovely young couple, Jordan and Rachael Hattee, speak about their lives before God brought them together. This includes serious addiction and an eating disorder. To see and hear them speak together is a delight and a blessing.

Sally speaks about the call and challenges of being a single, female Pastor of an Elim Church in Sheffield. This is a great testimony about an individual’s personal journey of faith.


Dowlais Elim Family Church, an Elim Pentecostal Church    Elim Foursquare Gospel Alliance. Registered Charity 251549 (England & Wales) SC037754 (Scotland)      

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Dowlais Elim Family Church, Upper Elizabeth Street, Dowlais, Merthyr Tydfil  CF48 3BH 

Church Telephone:  01685 383268  Minister's Mobile: 07951 984684

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